ODI Troy Lee Glow Lock-On Grips

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Highlighted Features

  • Grooved Channels prevent mud and water buildup
  • Overmolded flap gives added protection on outside clamp
  • Unique Undercut pads give slim comfortable feel with the ultimate amount of grip
  • Custom flanged design provides hand support with more usable grip surface
  • Etched inside clamp provides clocking system to assist on installation 
  • Glow in the dark for high visibility at night 

The ODI Troy Lee Glow Lock-On Grips use the same great design as their standard ODI Lock-On Grips but now they glow in the dark. This time when you pull a no-hander during the weekly night ride you'll actually be able to find your bars again... and more importantly your teeth. 

The grips are thin, yet still cushy enough to be comfortable on an all-day ride. Most importantly, you will never be at a loss for traction with the ODI Troy Lee grips - diagonal grooves provide edges to grab onto and serve to clear water and debris from the gripping surface, but the real advantage is from the faceted components of the grips "grid." Each leading edge bites into your glove to practically guarantee limitless stickiness. The small, asymmetric flanges provide a reference point for your hands, and provide a comfortable cushion protecting your hand from the outboard lock-on collar's edge. 

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