MET Parachute HES DH Helmet Black/Red

MET Parachute HES DH Helmet LG Black/Red
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  •  Accessory Color: Black/Red
  •  Helmet Sizes: LG
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Highlighted Features

DH helmet certification at an astonishingly low weight, plus impressive ventilation.

  • Actual weight: 715 grams (medium)
  • Thermo-stabilizing polyurethane morpho-gel
  • In-mold construction
  • Adjustable visor
  • Homothetic embeded skeleton
  • ASTM F1952-2032 U.S. Downhill helmet certification
  • Integrated GoPro mount
  • Rear goggle strap clip

Just as big hit bikes are getting lighter and easier to ride, so goes the gear associated with them. MET's Parachute HES DH Helmet is one such example, providing ASTM DH certification and superior ventilation.

In case you were wondering, 715 grams for a full-face helmet is nothing. It might as well be made of air. Speaking of air, there's quite a bit of that flowing through the Parachute's abundance of vents, including strategically placed vents on the permanently attached chinbar. Of course, DH certification doesn't come without that real chinbar, which maximizes impact protection and comfort, while keeping a slim profile. Like many road helmets with excessive vent surface area, the Parachute uses an internal skeleton to boost structural integrity. MET calls their version the Homothetic Embedded Skeleton, and it spreads impact force over the whole helmet.

Comfort and fit enhancements come courtesy of removable cheek pads and a gel-filled forehead pad. Each helmet comes with two sizes of cheek pads so you can fine tune fit to your face. Conforming to your noggin' and keeping it cooler at the same time is the thermo-stabilizing polyurethane morpho-gel forehead pad. Horizontal tension adjustments are handled with a one handed dial, while a harness-like double-D chin strap provides extra security against migration.

MET's Parachute is the first helmet to be able to truthfully make the claim to providing DH-certified protection, and trail-worthy ventilation and comfort.

Comments: (FYI, this review is NO reflection on Art's Cyclery, they're great) Purchased a MET Parachute elsewhere and found that the strap is too short. Contacted MET and they sent me a pic of how long the strap should be, mine was 20mm shorter than the one in the pic they sent (sized up next to a ruler). Met refused to replace the helmet or even the chin strap, saying it still met their standards...really? Very difficult to strap on and even more difficult to remove the helmet. Sometimes it'll take me 3 mins to remove the helmet. I prefer companies who support their product. Just an FYI...buyer beware.

From: Anonymous