Louis Garneau Power 2 Shorts

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All avid cyclists know the difference a good pair of bike shorts makes. In spite of the fact that spandex barely leaves anything to the imagination, there actually are benefits to wearing Lycra. Louis Garneau certainly believes this. That's why the Power 2 short is knit with considerably more lycra than basic bike shorts. The extra Lycra adds compression which optimizes muscle performance and its unequalled support favors blood circulation. The better your blood circulation, the less fatigue you will experience on long rides. LG's Ergozone chamois provides maximum comfort to the unmentionables by utilizing two different materials: foam for padding and micro polyester for comfort. The chamois has varying thicknesses to ease movement where it's needed and provide support where it's needed. It is perforated to combat the moisture and heat commonly attributed to thick chammies and is also hypo-allergenic and antibacterial.


  • Lycra®Power increases blood circulation and optimizes muscle performance
  • Ergozone chamois utilizes varying thicknesses for maximum comfort
  • external seams for added comfort
  • Power Gripper leg opening does away with annoying elastic or silicone leg enclosures