Light & Motion Solite 150 2012

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual weight 104 grams (head and battery only)
  • Extremely versatile
    • Headlamp
    • Helmet-mounted light
    • Stem/handlebar mounted light
    • flashlight/torch
  • 150 lumen output
  • 3 hour run time on high, 5.5 hours on medium, 11 hours on low
  • 5 hour charge time
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery level indicator
  • Mini USB rechargeable (phone charger compatible)
  • Safety side lighting

Only one word describes the new Solite from Light & Motion... Soamazinglycool. Actually, there are quite a few other words that will tell you about the Solite as well, but the most important one is versatile. Designed with the true adventurer in mind, the Solite can be used as an ultra-bright and lightweight headlamp, a flashlight, and a bike light, all in the same day. 

When used as a headlamp, the first thing you notice is how much you don't notice it! Weighing in at 152 grams in headlamp mode, the Solite perches comfortably on your dome, it's one of the lightest headlamps available for that output... But the only one that can be used on a bike, helmet, or as a flashlight as well. When in use as a bike commuter, the amber side lights, found on all Light & Motion commuter-specific lights, provide true 180-degree visibility, making you noticeable to motorists coming up from your sides. There are three ways to mount the Solite 150 for bike use; on your helmet, with the light head in the front and the battery on the back; on the stem with the light head connected to the battery, or, with the battery on your bikes stem and the light head mounted somewhere ahead, like on the bars, using the helmet mount.