Lezyne Smart Patch Kit Carded

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Lezyne's Smart Patch Kit is just that—smart. 

Smart because it fits snugly into the internal pocket of any of their seat bags, smart because it has everything you need to get rolling again in a 69 x 34 x 3 millimeter package, and smart because the high-adhesive glueless patches actually work.


  • Six Glueless patches
  • Emergency tire boot
  • Stainless steel tube scuffer
  • Low-profile pouch

Comments: These actually work as they claim. First you have to locate the puncture by inflating a little air into the tube. Rough it up with the supplied scuffer, inflate a little more air into the tube (as by this time it's flat again) then stick on the patch. The tube needs to be inflated a little bit in order to apply the patch. Vola! It can't get any easier then this. So easy a caveman could do it....

From: Ed, Auburn, CA, USA