Lezyne CO2 Flex Hose Threaded

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Highlighted Features

  • System includes
    • Braided Flex Hose
    • Two 16 gram threaded CO2 cartridges
    • Dual-cartridge holster with attached compression strap
  • Easily carry enough CO2 for most rides
  • Flex Hose allows easy, safe inflation
  • Holster can be used for storing other items as well-get creative!

Here is another cool idea from the brains at Lezyne. There are other ways to solve the CO2 storage and delivery puzzle, but the Lezyne CO2 Flex Hose set-up is neat and it lets you get creative with your storage options. 

The system is comprised of Lezyne's burly nylon-braided Flex Hose, a twin-cartridge holster, and two 16-gram CO2 cartridges. Use the holster as an insulator when inflating your tires, and rest easy knowing that it will hold Lezyne's 25 gram CO2 cartridges as well. While the Flex Hose is a bit bigger than the Lezyne CO2 Drives, it's easy to use and reduces the chance of valve damage if you move during inflation—simply screw the cartridge into the hose until it stops, and control the rate of inflation by twisting the cartridge back slightly. Not compatible with Lezyne's ABS chucks—be sure to remove the cartridge from the hose and then the hose from your valve stem.