Lezyne ABS Flex Hose Presta Only HP/Road Drive Pumps

Availability: Yes
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Highlighted Features

  • This version fits presta valves only and is for high-pressure (road) pumps
  • Backwards compatible to all Lezyne HP hand pumps with a flex hose

Lezyne's ABS (Air Bleed System) is only available on post-2011 pumps, but if you have a 2011 or previous Lezyne pump, fear not! You can upgrade! If you are running a high-pressure hand pump (Carbon Road Drive, Road Drive, Carbon Pressure Drive, Pressure Drive, HP Drive) the Lezyne ABS Flex Hose HP/Road Drive, (presta only, the presta/schrader version is here) is the hose you need. 

With a press of the ABS button located on the presta side of the hose, all pressure is released from the pump, enabling the easy and safe removal of the hose from your valve, without bending or damaging the stem.