Leatt DBX Comp 4 Neck Brace

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Highlighted Features

  • Purpose-specific materials
    • Fiberglass reinforced polyamide resin
    • Carbon fiber
    • Shock absorbing Biofoam
  • Crumple zones 
  • Collarbone cutout to reduce the risk of collarbone breaks
  • Rear Thoracic Strut
    • Stop the brace rotating backwards in a crash and absorbs some of the forces associated with certain impact scenarios
  • Red Hinges are easy to identify for safe brace removal by emergency personnel
  • Highly customizable for a wide range of sizing
    • Excellent for children as it can be resized safely
  • Rear height adjustment to match different helmets
  • CE safety certified




Most, if not all, of the top downhillers competing today wear neck/spine braces, and the most popular is the Leatt DBX Comp 4 Neck Brace. The DBX Comp 4's comfort and easy set-up negate excuses for not wearing a neck brace. Carefully designed and constructed to provide the ultimate in safety, everything from duty-specific materials to crumple zones are engineered into the Leatt Brace to make it as effective as possible.

Redesigned to be even more mountain bike friendly, The DBX Comp 4 has room in the back, front, and sides for all the angles your helmet encounters during a ride, whether dropping into a vertical chute or looking around a steep, hairpin switchback. Increased freedom of movement and a wider range of fit is made possible with a new split front rear thoracic "CoreFlex" strut. Five rear thoracic strut settings allow further fine-tuning of fit. 

The Leatt-Brace neck brace is a revolutionary system which helps protect a rider against various forces on the neck during impact, namely the over-bending of the head and neck in a forward, backward and sideways direction. Patented Alternative Load Path Technology helps disperse impact forces away from critical areas onto less vulnerable areas of the body and is pivotal to the design of the Leatt- Brace.

Use a Leatt Brace and live to ride another day.

Sizing approximately follows these guidelines:

  • SM/MD fits riders who weigh 50-150 pounds
  • L/XL fits riders who weigh 120-270 pounds