Jagwire Disc Brake Rotor Multi Tool

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Highlighted Features

  • Tough steel construction
  • No-slip rubber handle
  • Rotor truing fork
  • Piston press
  • Pad spreader
  • Bleed block
  • Plastic bits fit over the ends of the tool for storage

This tool is great either in your garage or in your gearbag. If you're the type to keep a floor pump in your car, you'll probably want to keep one of these right next to it. As part of your pre-ride bike check, the Jagwire Disc Brake Multi Tool can be used for a quick rotor true, and if somehow your brake lever was depressed while your bike was on the rack, use the wedge-shaped end of the tool to easily open your pads up again.

When employed in the workshop, the above uses are available also, but there is also a bleed block for bleeding, and a pad spacer for dialing in your lever action. The rotor truing end can be used as a piston press as well.