Industry Nine Torch Enduro 26" Wheelset SRAM XD

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual weight 1622 grams, including tubeless tape and valve stems
    • Front - 711 grams
    • Rear - 911 grams
  • Rims
    • 26.2 mm internal width
    • 22.0 mm deep
    • Alloy
    • Bead blasted finish
  • Torch Hubs
    • SRAM 11 speed compatible (XD Driver)
    • 15mm through axle front
    • 12 x 142 mm through axle rear
    • Threaded spoke flanges
    • Enduro cartridge bearings
  • Spokes
    • I9 proprietary nipple-less
    • 32 front and rear
      • 3-cross 
  • Includes two extra spokes, three extra pawl springs
  • Made and assembled in the USA (except rims)

Industry Nine has built their stellar reputation with amazing hubs and the most thought-out spokes in the world. Luckily for us, they never stopped innovating, as evidenced by the new Torch hub set. Even though the hubs are the most impressive components of the Industry Nine Torch Enduro Wheelset XD, the rims and spokes are vital to the Torch Enduro's amazing performance as well.

The new hubs have dropped over one hundred grams compared to the previous Classic Series hubs, while maintaining the incredible three-degree engagement with a six-pawl freehub. Engineered with mechanics in mind, the freehub is designed for simple and fast removal, and tool-free pawl service. An oversized, butted axle (20mm/17mm), makes for a very stiff hub, and with easily swappable endcaps, the Torch wheelset will match up with whatever you find yourself riding, now or in the future. Front hubs are compatible with 9mm QR, 15mm TA, and 20mm TA forks, although each wheelset comes with only one endcap set.

With a massive 26 millimeter wide (internal) profile rim made from extruded aluminum, the Torch Enduro wheels are tubeless ready to truly maximize the performance of larger profile tires. Each rim comes taped with a tubeless valve stem installed, with 32 of I9's awesome machined aluminum spokes laced in a standard three-cross pattern. Each spoke is oversized, drawn and machined aluminum, possessing the strength of a 1.8mm steel spoke, but weighing as much as a triple-butted spoke. At the thread end, the spoke flares out for threads that are larger in diameter than the spoke shaft, eliminating one of the highest stress risers on traditional spokes. A T8 torx fitting is machined into the spoke end on the thread side of the spoke. Instead of threading into a nipple, the rim end of the spoke ends in a "mushroom" which sits in the rim's spoke hole. Below the rim, wrench flats are machined into the spoke so a regular spoke wrench can be used.

Nothing will say "I love you" to your bike like an Industry Nine Torch wheelset. I9's spokes and hubs are completely designed, machined and assembled in the USA.