Industry Nine Torch 27.5 Trail S 28H Wheelset Black XD1

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual weight 1656 grams, including tubeless tape and valve stems
    • Front - 767 grams
    • Rear - 889 grams
  • Rims
    • 24.5 mm internal width
    • 28.4 mm deep
    • ETRTO 584
  • Hubs
    • SRAM 11/12 speed compatible XD Driver body
    • 15mm through axle front
    • 12 x 142 mm through axle rear
  • Spokes
    • Sapim Race butted stainless steel w/ Sapim Secure Lock Double Square nipples
    • 28 spokes front and rear
      • 3-cross rear drive side and front brake side
      • 1-cross rear brake side and front non-drive side
  • Comes with two extra spokes
  • Suggested rider weight limit of 220 pounds 
  • Made and assembled in the USA (except rims)
Industry Nine has built their stellar reputation with amazing hubs and the most thought-out spokes in the world. Luckily for us, they have not stopped innovating, as evidenced by the new Torch hub set. Even though the hubs are the most impressive components of the Industry Nine Torch Trail XD1 Wheelset (for SRAM 11/12-speed cassettes), the rims and, of course, spokes, are vital to the Torch 28's amazing performance as well. These wheels, as the name implies, are intended for Trail use, but are endowed with four less spokes (28 in total) in order to save some grams and make your wheelset extra snappy both in and out of turns.
First of all, the new hubs have dropped over one hundred grams compared to the previous Classic Series hubs, while maintaining the incredible three-degree engagement with a six-pawl freehub. Since it's such a high-end piece of equipment, proper care should be given to the freehub, which is designed for simple and fast removal, and tool-free pawl service. An oversized, butted axle (20mm/17mm), makes for a very stiff hub, and with easily swappable endcaps (not included, but available in 10 x 135, 12 x 135, and 12 x 142), the Torch wheelset will match up with whatever you find yourself riding, now or in the future. Front hubs are compatible with 9mm QR, 15mm TA, and 20mm TA forks, although each wheelset comes with only one endcap set.
With a properly sized 28mm wide extruded aluminum rim, which is nearly as stiff as carbon, the Torch Trail wheels are tubeless ready, and bred to shred! The rims come taped with tubeless valve stems installed, and I9's awesome machined aluminum spokes laced in their new hubs. Rather than using the "Classic" drawn and machined aluminum spoke, this Trail S wheelset has been built with Sapim's race-butted stainless steel straight-pull spokes, meaning that if you pop or break a spoke, you can go to just about any bike shop around and get one off-the-shelf. Kiss those special orders goodbye. And below the rim, wrench flats are machined into the spoke so a regular spoke wrench can be used.
Nothing will say "I love you" to your bike like an Industry Nine Torch Trail wheelset. I9's spokes and hubs are completely designed and constructed, and wheels assembled in the USA.