Incredibell Bar End Bell Chrome

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Incredibell Bar End Bell Chrome

Many riders like to add a bell to their handlebars as a friendly way to alert others to their presence. The gentle ringing of a bell is a great way to let hikers know when you are coming up behind them. A bell is also great for riding in traffic or on a bike path—really just about anywhere that you might have to call "Behind you!" or, "On your left!" While the traditional thumb bell has always been a favorite, Incredibell's Bar End Bell is also quite popular. The Bar End Bell fits into the end of your handlebars—or bar ends—and is activated with a twist of it's outer collar. It keeps your bars uncluttered, is easy to access, and emits some serious decibels too.


  • Fits bars and bar ends with an internal diameter of 15.75 mm (5/8")
  • DING!

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Price: $11.99