Garmin Premium HRM Transmitter w/ Soft Strap

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Highlighted Features

  • Premium Heart Rate Monitor and Strap
  • Water Resistant to 30m
  • Optimized for use in congested areas
  • Compatible with: 
    • Forerunner 910XT, 610, 410, 405CX, 405, 310XT, 305, 210, 110
    • FR70, FR60
    • Edge810, 800, 705, 510, 500, 305
    • Colorado Series
    • Oregon Series
    • Etrex 30
    • Dakota 20 
    • Montana 650t, 650, 600
    • GPSMAP 78sc, 78s, 62stc, 62st, 62sc, 62s
    • Fenix
    • Rino 655t, 650

If you have a Garmin cycling computer that is compatible with heart rate monitors, this is the component you will need to make it work. The Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor Transmitter with Soft Strap will comfortably strap around your chest and send your heart rate to your compatible Garmin computer. It is optimized for use in congested areas like gym class or starting lines as to not pick up or send your heart rate to your competition.

Two rivets attach the heart rate monitoring component to the soft elastic strap allowing easy removal for washing. The strap is secured by hooking one end to a fixed loop, as opposed to using the electronic component to hold things together.  

Due to federal regulations we are unable to ship this product internationally.