Garmin External Power Pack

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Highlighted Features

Due to federal regulations we are unable to ship this product internationally. 


  • 20+ hours of extra run time
  • Solar, USB, and wall-socket rechargeable
  • Great for trips and long-distance races


  • External power pack with permanent mini USB connection
  • Folding solarmonkey solar panel
  • Female USB2 connector
  • Female mini USB to 3.5 x 1.1 convertor tip
  • Hook and loop strap to attach solar panel to rucksack, tent, etc.
  • Bike bracket with hook and loop strap
  • Universal mains charger


The Garmin Edge 800 is ideally suited for long rides. Long, long rides. Double centuries, 500's, and even multi-day adventure-races. While the stock fifteen-hour battery life is probably enough for most riders, the select few who will ride through the night and into tomorrow need a little extra, and they can get it with the Garmin External Power Pack. The Power Pack consists mainly of a battery which plugs into your Garmin device and two charges—one solar and one wall-mounted.

A full charge gives the Edge 800 an extra 20 hours of run time, so figure on a few hours more than that for the smaller Edge 500 and Edge 200. Charging the battery can be accomplished three ways: use the included folding solar panel which allows the external power pack to be recharged to one-third in 5 hours and fully within 15 hours; the universal mains charger compatible in more than 150 countries; and USB in under 7 hours.

Due to federal regulations we are unable to ship this product internationally.