Fox 36 Talas 180 RC2 FIT Fork 1.5T 2013

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual weight 5.48lbs
  • Axle to crown length: 565mm with PSI set for a 170lb rider
  • 36mm stanchions
  • 180mm/140mm of travel (7.0"/5.5")
  • Talas - Travel Adjustable Linear Air Spring
  • Air-Spring Preload - Externally adjustable
  • Wide range rebound adjustment - External
  • Low Speed Compression - Externally adjustable
  • High Speed Compression - Externally adjustable
  • RC2 Fit damper
  • Kashima Coated stanchions
  • SKF seals
  • 20mm Thru-Axle
  • 1.5 Tapered Steerer
  • Axle-to-crown length: 22-1/8"
  • Warranty: 1 Year

For 2013 Fox re-revamps its 36 line to reclaim the top spot of the aggressive all-mountain/freeride segment. The big change to the 36 forks is the elimination of the RLC damper and a return to the RC2 damper on all the forks.

The Fox 36 Talas 180 RC2 Fit Fork is the most capable fork of the 36 model line. With 180mm, the Talas can descend virtually anything. Drop it to 140mm, and you can still climb just about anything as well. The chassis is super stiff thanks to the 36mm, so it tracks and brakes extremely well on steep descents. The RC2 damper allows for complete adjustability of the way the fork moves through its travel, allowing it to adapt to any trail. Rebound, high speed compression, and low speed compression are all externally adjustable. Consequently there is no longer a lock-out, but adjusting the low speed compression all the way up yields a firm compression stroke that gets rid of bob on out of the saddle efforts. SKF seals, Kashima coated stanchions, and revised bushing material make the Fox 36 Talas 180 RC2 fork plusher, better, and more capable than ever.