Fox 32 Talas 150 CTD FIT Fork 15QR 1.5T 2013

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual weight 4.0 lbs
  • 32mm stanchions
  • 150mm/120mm of travel (5.9"/4.7")
  • Air-Spring Preload - Externally adjustable
  • Wide range rebound adjustment - External
  • 5 setting compression adjustment
  • CTD FIT Damper
  • Kashima Coated stanchions
  • SKF seals
  • 15QR Thru-Axle
  • 1.5 Tapered Steerer
  • Axle-to-crown length: 20.5"
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Fox updates its 32 line of forks with the new revised CTD compression damper. The 2013 Fox 32 Talas 150 CTD Fit Fork is smoother than ever thanks to SKF seals and a slick Kashima coating. The Talas model features Fox's world renowned Travel Adjustable Linear Air Spring, giving you the same feel at two travel settings: 110mm or 150mm. 

CTD is an acronym for Climb-Trail-Descend. It does away with the old factory pre-set high speed compression and adjustable low speed compression knob of the RLC models and replaces it with 5 factory pre-set compression settings: a Climb setting, three Trail settings, and a Descend setting. By doing this, Fox is able to adjust both low-speed and high speed compression for 5 different trail conditions and riding styles. This is the big difference between the RLC and the CTD forks. Though you could adjust the low-speed compression on the RLC, the high speed was factory set. In the CTD fork, each position has different low-speed and high-speed compression settings and with 5 to choose from, every trail condition is accounted for.