Enve M60 Forty 29" HV DT 240 XD1 Wheelset

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual weight: 1659 grams
    • Front: 789 grams
    • Back: 870 grams
    • Valve stems add 8 grams each
    • Included tubeless tape not weighed
  • Rims
    • Inner width 26.4mm
    • External width 32mm
    • Depth 28.8mm
    • ETRTO 622
  • Front 32 bladed spokes, J-bend, two-cross
  • Rear 32 bladed spokes, J-bend, two-cross
  • DT Swiss 240 hubs
  • 15mm front through axle compatible
  • 12 x 142 rear through axle compatible
  • XD1 Driver for Sram eleven-speed MTB cassettes
  • Hookless rim
  • Five year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Enve Part# 100-2104-009

Light. Strong. Cheap. You can still only pick two, but lightweight wheels don't get any stronger than the Enve M60Forty 29" HV DT XD1 Wheelset, based around Enve's innovative M-rim. Coming in at around 1600 grams, the 29" M60 Forty HV DT XD1 is ready to challenge for gold at XC races, although it's reliable enough for railing your favorite rock garden. As one of the wider rims on the market, the HV (High Volume) rim allows you to run a wider tire for increased traction, while also providing a smoother, more supple ride.

Each M-Rim model is optimized and designated for specific riding styles, loosely indicated by the amount of time spent (or importance placed on) descending vs. climbing. In this case 60Forty represents the typical trail rider, and is placed between the XC race 50Fifty and freeride-ish 70Thirty models. If you are a descender who likes to hammer or a climber who knows how to get it on during descents, the M60Forty is your rim. Across the M line-up, carbon lay-ups, rim widths, and hole counts vary to best exploit the wheel's performance for it's intended application. Bead hooks will not be found anywhere, however, as today's precision tire manufacturing processes and better rim design ensure a secure interface between tire and rim. Eliminating the bead hook obviously saves weight, but also allows greater impact resistance. Further, each M model rim is specifically tuned to provide a balance between vertical compliance and stiffness appropriate to it's intended use. Rest assured, however, these rims are plenty stiff, and will provide unbelievable steering accuracy and maximize deflection resistance, while still doing their part to reduce rider fatigue as much as possible. 

Interestingly, M-Rims share much of the same DNA with their SES-series road rims. During the research and development of the road rims, Enve discovered that their design provided more strength than the current series of mountain rims. Armed with this new data, Enve's engineers were able to create an MTB rim that was both lighter and more resilient than anything that has come before in the M-rim.