ESI FIT CR Grips Aqua
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  •  Accessory Color: Aqua
ESI FIT CR Grips Black
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  •  Accessory Color: Black
ESI FIT CR Grips Green
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  •  Accessory Color: Green
ESI FIT CR Grips Orange
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  •  Accessory Color: Orange
ESI FIT CR Grips Pink
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  •  Accessory Color: Pink
ESI FIT CR Grips Red
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  •  Accessory Color: Red
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Highlighted Features

  • Actual weight:46 grams/pair
  • Length: 128mm
  • Three distinct ergonomic areas of grip from 24-30mm thick:
    • Inner: hand rest ensures maximum control
    • Middle: Extra torque, power, and trail feedback
    • Outer: Thickest area for maximum comfort
  • Ergonomic, comfortable grip
  • Slip proof without being sticky
  • UV resistant—won't harden or fade
  • Includes end caps
  • Made in the USA

ESI has taken their tried and true silicone grips and turned them into an ergonomic powerhouse named ESI Fit CR Grips.

These grips have been built to deliver a natural hand position, which in turn means more comfort and better control. Fit CR Grips have three notable areas on the grip: the inner area provides a rest for you hands to increase bar control, the thinner middle area ensures maximum torque on the handlebars for climbing and descending, and the outer portion of the grip is the thickest to deliver big on comfort.

ESI grips do a wonderful job of conforming to your hand's natural shape, provide slip-proof grip without being too sticky, and will last a long time thanks to the silicone construction and UV resistance.