Dakine Pickup Tailgate Pad Painted Palm Small

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Highlighted Features

  • Width: 54"
  • Fits most mid sized pick-ups
  • Micro-fleece pad
  • Padded tailgate protection
  • Individual frame anchor straps
  • Three web cinch straps
  • Access Flap for tailgate handles
  • Compatible with most rear view cameras
  • Reflective logo
  • Made in China

The Dakine Pickup Pad lets you rack your bikes, Canada style. You've seen those crazy freeriders hanging their bikes over the tailgate of their pickup, right? It allows them to pack the truck full of bikes with minimal logistical work—no threading tie-downs through wheels and frames, no arranging bikes according to size. Just throw 'em in and you're done. If you need to make sure they don't jostle around, all it takes is a quick strap-in with the integrated down tube straps.

This "small" sized pad fits compact and mid-size pick-ups, and installs easily by wrapping three nylon straps under the tailgate. This pad also comes in a "large" size for bigger trucks.