Continental Grand Prix 4000 S Tire

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual Weights: 
    • 700x23: 218 grams
    • 700x25: 223 grams
  • Vectran Breaker anti-tear protection
  • Smooth center-tread for low rolling resistance and siped shoulders for cornering grip
  • Supple yet fast-rolling
  • 3/330 TPI casing (3 plies of 110 tpi)
  • Black Chili Compound 
  • Handmade in Germany

The Continental Grand Prix 4000 S is the smart tire choice no matter what your road cycling conditions are. With Continental's patented Vectran Breaker technology, you won't be tearing holes in the 4000 S any time soon. Vectran is a liquid crystal molecular compound which makes the 4000 S virtually invisible to thorns and since it's a polyester compound, it doesn't make the casing stiffer. 

The new Grand Prix 4000 S (Schwarz) uses Continental's exclusive Black Chili rubber compound and a sleek black sidewall color scheme. The Magic of Black chili lies in Continental's ability to refine Carbon Black particles to the size of a soccer ball relative to the earth, compared with standard particles. Carbon Black is a filler that reinforces the rubber. Since those particles are now much smaller, it allows more rubber to be in contact with the ground. Thus Black Chili tires have 30% more grip, 26% less rolling resistance, and 5% more mileage than Conti's non-black chili tires. An independent German cycling magazine also found this tire to be superior on wet roads than it's competitors. Found on the bikes of Team Columbia-High Road, Team Type 1, The BMC Racing Team and others, the Continental Grand Prix 4000 S tires are a maximum performance race tire that will inspire confidence with every mile.

Comments: These are my go-to tires. I ride mostly out of Yuma AZ where road debris is ridiculous and unseen Puncturevine thorns everywhere. You can't even get around the block on most tires. The 4000s will hold up to everything but a direct hit from a construction staple or nail. I've literally seen radial tire wire hit the Kevlar breaker and hook out of the tire again vice penetrating. IMHO this tire is the best balance of durability, puncture resistance, weight, and performance. As a caveat I have ridden these in wet weather a few times and they inspire confidence.

From: Will, Arizona