Blackburn Flea 2.0 USB Front Light

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Blackburn overhauled the Flea safety light for 2011, giving it a sleeker look, enhanced electronics, and a color-coded fuel gauge.

The Flea 2.0 USB is one of the most convenient lights you can attach to your bike. First, it's bright, second it's small, third, it's easy to use... Is that enough for 'ya? If not, how about recharging by simply attaching the USB charger between the light and your computer, getting your work done, and riding home safely.


  • Ultra compact, rechargeable, Li-ion headlight
  • Four super bright Nichia LED's
  • 40 lumen output
  • Includes USB smart charger
  • Flexible and compact mounting system-mounts on any diameter bars
  • Standard, overdrive, and flash modes
  • Weighs 17 grams
  • 3 hour runtime steady, 5 hour runtime flash
  • Top-mounted LED fuel gauge/charge indicator